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Dr Vincent Nguyen is a board-certified plastic surgeon renowned in Paris in the field of breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed esthetic surgery procedures in France and worldwide.

Due to numerous technique advancements, patients get results adapted to their body’s natural proportions and to their wishes in terms of size, shape and scars. The outcome is natural in appearance and to the touch.

  • Choice of volume, shape, techniques, and scars.
  • Major psychological and esthetic benefits.
  • Natural appearance due to technique advancements.
  • Simple and easy procedure with simple post-operative care.
Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation with prosthesis

Breast augmentation with implants is the most common procedure. It allows women to enhance their bust with a variety of shapes and sizes of breasts, to have a natural bust, or more uplifted and perkier breasts. The procedure is efficient and safe due to many surgery innovations such as dual plane, and to the current regulations on breast implants.

Breast lipofilling and breast augmentation with fat transfer

Breast augmentation with lipofilling is very popular nowadays for patients who need a relatively modest increase of the size of their breasts. The technique uses the patient’s own fat cells to increase the size of their bust. Breasts look and feel natural.

The benefit of this procedure is that it is combined with liposuction that addresses local fat deposits.

Hybrid breast augmentation

It combines the benefits of breast augmentation with implants and with lipofilling.

The contours of the implants are concealed by the fat and the outcome looks and feels more natural and discreet.

It’s the most innovative procedure.


This information sheet is issued by Dr Vincent Nguyen, board -certified plastic surgeon in Paris, expert in breast augmentation procedures.. It provides all the information about the procedures, scars, recovery, Social Security or Health Insurance Company coverage, before and after comparison photographs and the cost of breast augmentation procedures.

Why get a breast augmentation surgery?

Women with mammary hypoplasia, or micromastia, didn’t develop proper mammary tissue during adolescence or lost breast volume after pregnancy, weight loss or because of hormonal fluctuations.

Women who have insufficient glandular tissue often feel distressed by their lack of femininity and suffer from low self-esteem and even complexes.

Dr Vincent Nguyen will evaluate your needs, discuss your options and help you find the best way to restore your femininity with natural-looking breasts that will enhance your silhouette.

What are the different breast augmentation procedures?

  • Breast augmentation with breast prosthesis, or breast implants, , is the most common procedure. Due to the wide range of size and shape in breast implants and to the many advanced surgical techniques, breasts can now look totally natural, in harmony with the rest of the body.
  • Breast augmentation with fat injection in breasts, or breast lipofilling (or breast lipomodelling, or breast lipostructure … ) uses patient’s own fat cells harvested during liposuction. The augmentation, made with autogenous fat, is 100% natural with a very natural outcome.
  • Hybrid breast augmentation also known as composite breast augmentation combines the use of breast implants with patient’s own fat cells and the benefits of both techniques. Patients may choose the shape and the size. The outcome is very natural to the look and to the touch.
  • Breast augmentation and lift simultaneously, is the way to treat empty and sagging breasts. The breasts are lifted and enhanced during the same procedure.

What are the effects of breast augmentation?

There is first a physical effect with harmonious feminine curves and a visibly enhanced silhouette.

A nice bust also has a positive psychological impact on patients with low self-esteem or with physical complexes.

Breast augmentation may help boost self-confidence as patients feel more in harmony with the image they have of themselves. Some even say after their breast surgery that “they got their body back.”

After breast augmentation with implants or with lipofilling, women feel more comfortable with their body, relieved. Some introvert women experience a real personality change, feel more at ease, more confident, assured.

Their quality of life is really improved.

What are the benefits of the different breast augmentation procedures?

For more details, refer to the different information sheets, but the key points are:

  • Breast implants: wide range of size and shape. No need for fat stock.
  • Breast lipofilling: 100% natural, no scar but only enlarges one cup size, fat stock needed and a second procedure required if too much fat is reabsorbed.
  • Hybrid breast augmentation: combines the benefits and disadvantages of both techniques with a natural outcome in appearance and to the touch.
  • Breast augmentation and lift: designed to rejuvenate and restore firmness to the breast but scars depend on the breast ptosis.

Mastopexy / Breast Lift