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Liposuction / lipectomy

Liposuction is one of the most common esthetic procedure worldwide. It enables patients to sculpt and enhance the contour of their body. The esthetic benefits are great and the outcome absolutely terrific when performed by a skilled,  board-certified plastic surgeon.

  • Outpatient esthetic surgery
  • Simple, efficient and safe surgical procedure
  • Beautiful esthetic result in case of local fat deposits
  • May be combined with lipofilling ( breasts, face, buttocks…)


This information sheet is provided by Dr Vincent Nguyen, board-certified plastic surgeon in Paris, specialized in liposuction procedures.

It provides all the information about the procedures, scars, recovery, Social Security or Health Insurance Company coverage, before and after comparison photographs and the cost of liposuction procedures.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is an esthetic procedure that permanently gets rid of recalcitrant localized excess of fat.

It is not an overall weight-loss method. It is not a treatment for obesity and it can’t replace a diet.

Why is a liposuction done?

A liposuction is done to remove fat from parts of the body that most of the time haven’t responded to physical exercise and diet.


How is it performed ?

In the procedure of liposuction (as created by Yves-Gérard Illouz in 1977), blunt-tipped hollow cannulas are introduced through micro skin incisions.

The cannulas are connected to a vacuum-like device in a closed circuit that creates negative pressure, and gently suck out excess fat from certain areas of the body. As fat cells can’t reproduce, the result is permanent.

As liposuction is a surgical procedure, in France, only a board-certified and qualified plastic surgeon specialist of the technique can perform it.



  • Two preoperative consultations with a board-certified plastic surgeon will be conducted.
  • Before and after comparison photographs will be taken.
  • A compression garment will be prescribed for the treated areas.
  • The preoperative instructions are as follow:
    • Stop birth control pill one month before to avoid increased risk of thromboembolism.
    • Discontinue any anti-platelet or blood-thinning medication 15 days before the surgery.


  • Anesthesia depends on the work to be done and on the amount of fat to be removed. It requires local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.
  • The amount of fat removed will be adapted to the quality of the skin to get the best possible result.
  • The length of the procedure depends on the amount of fat to be removed and on the number of areas to be treated. The procedure may last 30 minutes to 3 hours but the average time is 1 to 2 hours.
  • After the procedure a compression garment (panty or girdle) must be worn to reduce edema and to improve the esthetic results by supporting skin contraction.
  • Dr Vincent Nguyen is familiar with the latest surgical procedures and techniques of liposuction and performs the surgery on his patients himself.

Due to postoperative swelling, the results won’t be immediately visible. You can see some improvement after 4 weeks but it takes 3 to 6 months for the skin to retract on the new contours and for the edema to fade. It can take up to 6 months to see the ultimate results of a liposuction especially for a liposculpture. Irregularities in the skin such as cellulite may persist even if the procedure was well conducted.


  • Recovery time depends on the amount of fat removed.
  • Liposuction may be carried out as an outpatient or as an inpatient procedure (one night at the clinic depending on the amount of fat harvested).
  • There will be swelling and bruising on the areas where the fat was suctioned for 10 to 20 days.
  • You may feel soreness and tenderness that can easily be managed with light analgesics.
  • You will be able to return to your normal activities 2 to 10 days after the procedure.
  • The compression garment must be kept on for 3 to 6 weeks.
  • You can engage in more strenuous activities or exercise 3 weeks after the procedure.
  • Consultations will be planned with Dr Vincent Nguyen 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year after the procedure.


  • As liposuction is an esthetic surgery, there is no coverage or reimbursement by Social Security or Health Insurance Company.
  • Under certain circumstances Social Security may cover lipodystrophy due to hormonal disease or infectious disease after prior agreement with Social Security Authority.
  • The costs of liposuction may vary depending on the extent of the areas to be treated, on the amount of fat to be removed, on the length of the procedure, the location of the procedure and other related expenses. The cost of a liposuction may vary from … to … (see all the costs of the procedures on this website).
  • The success of the procedure depends on a board-certified plastic surgeon, specialized in body contouring procedure, who will help you define your needs, discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment to achieve the results you desire.


Can fat return after liposuction?

Liposuction permanently removes excess fat. Unfortunately it doesn’t prevent the patient from gaining weight again. The most effective way to sustain the result of liposuction is to maintain an ideal weight with healthy diet and exercise.

Can liposuction remove cellulite?

Cellulite is fat that is too close to the surface of the skin to be removed by liposuction. It can’t get rid of cellulite but, as the fat is removed beneath the skin, it reduces the pressure on the skin, whose aspect is enhanced.

What areas of the body can benefit from liposuction?

See picture

Liposuction can be performed on several parts of the body: saddlebags, thighs, hips, ankles, calves, abdomen, knees, arms, back … and also on the face (chin and oval of the face).

A full body liposuction may also be carried out.

Does liposuction result in scars?

The incision scars are very small (3 to 4 millimeters) and very discreet as they are hidden in natural creases or folds.

What can I expect from liposuction?

As the skin molds itself into new contours, the skin quality may appear improved.

Liposuction can really sculpt the shape of the body and dramatically improve the silhouette of the patient.

Liposuction allows a better look, allowing your muscle definition to show through on the back or on the chest to enhance the pectoral muscles.

What other procedures may be combined with liposuction?

The fat removed from your body may be reinjected in other parts (face, breasts, buttocks …) after being purified, it’s called lipofilling or lipomodelling.

lipoffiling des fesses

Buttocks Lipofilling / Lipomodelling