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Hybrid breast augmentation is a breast surgery that combines the benefits of breast implants and breast lipofilling. This latest plastic surgery trend associates the best of both techniques. It’s the most advanced and sophisticated surgery for natural looking breasts.

  • Give a far more natural look and feel to the breasts
  • Larger breast augmentation possible
  • All shapes and sizes of breasts possible
  • Combined with liposuction
Augmentation mammaire composite


This information sheet is issued by Dr. Vincent Nguyen, board-certified plastic surgeon in Paris, specialized in hybrid breast augmentation procedures.

It provides all the information about the surgery, scars, recovery, before and after comparison photographs, Social Security coverage and the costs of hybrid breast augmentation surgery.

What is a hybrid breast augmentation?

A hybrid breast augmentation is a recent breast augmentation procedure using breast implants and the patient’s own fat for a more natural looking bust. Both techniques are not only alternative techniques but complementary techniques.

What are the indications for a hybrid breast augmentation?

A hybrid breast augmentation is for patients who want:

  • A substantial increase in breast volume with a very natural looking result.
  • To soften the edges of the breast implants regardless of the volume (to hide the contours of the implants).
  • A natural and soft feel in the breasts.

What are the advantages of a hybrid breast augmentation?

The procedure combines the advantages of:

  • Breast lipofilling: 100% natural with an autologous fat graft, permanent, associated with liposuction that removes unwanted fat in other parts of the body, enhancement of the curves of the breasts with a natural feel.
  • Breast implants: all sizes of implants and a substantial increase of the bust possible.


  • Hybrid breast augmentation is a mix of both procedures:
    • The scars are the same as in the breast augmentation with implants.
    • The placement of the implants are the same, they can also be placed in dual plane.
  • All types of implants can be used.
  • The amount of fat reinjected will depend on the fat stock.

(see breast augmentation with prosthesis information sheet. See breast augmentation with lipofilling information sheet.)



  • Two preoperative consultations with a board-certified plastic surgeon will be conducted as well as a consultation with an anesthetist.
  • You will get a mammography or/ and an ultrasound.
  • Before and after comparison photographs will be taken.
  • A post-surgical compression bra, wireless and front opening and a compression garment for the areas where the fat was removed will be prescribed.
  • Preoperative instructions are as follow:
    • Quit smoking at least one month before the surgery and up to 1 month after the surgery to avoid any complication or necrosis risk.
    • Discontinue any anti-platelet or blood-thinning medication 15 days before the surgery.


  • It is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The patient is in a sit-up position to create an optimal result.
  • It lasts about 2 hours.
  • Dr Vincent Nguyen uses the most advanced surgical techniques that avoid the use of drains and performs the surgery himself on both breasts.

It will take up to 3 months to see the final outcome but the psychological and physical improvements are immediate.

After breast augmentation with implants:

  • As a hybrid breast augmentation may be painful, especially if the implant is placed behind the muscle, analgesics will be prescribed to relieve the pain.
  • Patients may go home the following day or even the same day.
  • Swelling and bruising appear on the breasts and on the fat collection sites the following days.
  • No nursing care is required after the surgery.
  • You may have a shower the following day but you can’t have a bath before a month after the surgery.
  • As the sutures are made with absorbable material, you won’t need to have them removed.
  • You will have to wear a compression bra and a compression garment on the areas where the fat was harvested, for 6 weeks night and day to help remodel tissues and avoid bad scarring.
  • Avoid sun on the scars for a year at least.
  • Most patients may go back to work after 5 to 15 days after the surgery depending on the nature of their job.
  • You may resume physical activities after 6 weeks.
  • Follow-up consultations with Dr Vincent Nguyen will be planned (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year after the surgery).


  • As a hybrid breast augmentation is an esthetic procedure, there is no coverage by Social Security or Health Insurance Company.
  • Part of this breast surgery may be covered by Social Security or some Health Insurance Companies for these pathologies: bilateral breast agenesis, bilateral breast hypoplasia, malformative syndrome (Poland syndrome or tuberous breast). The pathology must be confirmed by the Social Security Medical Advisor who delivers a prior agreement.
  • The costs may vary depending on the patient, on the type of breast implants, on the amount of fat to be removed, on other combined procedures, on the location of the surgery, on the length of the procedure and other related expenses. The costs may vary from …. To … (find all the costs on this website).
  • Make sure to find a board-certified plastic surgeon expert in breast augmentation who will evaluate your needs, discuss your options and guide you to achieve what is the best option for you.


What are the disadvantages of a hybrid breast augmentation?

The disadvantages of:

  • A breast lipofilling: unpredictable fat reabsorption in the 3 months following the procedure, and enough fat may not be available on very slim patients.
  • Breast implants: breast implants do not last a lifetime. They will need to be replaced at one point, they also come with scars and there is also a risk of capsular contracture.

Breast augmentation with prosthesis