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Lipofilling of the face is a true revolution in the field of esthetic surgery. It consists in reshaping the face and reconstruct the loss of volumes due to aging. The result is natural and permanent without the need for additional injections. The method is 100% natural with everlasting effects contrary to filler injections such as Hyaluronic acid that need to be regularly injected to maintain the result.

  • Rejuvenates, reshapes and improves the quality of the skin
  • 100% natural method
  • Permanent result
  • Short procedure with simple postoperative care
Lipofilling et lipomodelage du visage


Fat transfer to the face may be considered as an esthetic face surgery procedure.

This information sheet is issued by dr Vincent Nguyen, board -certified plastic surgeon in Paris, specialized in face lipofilling.

It provides all the information about the procedures, scars, recovery, Social Security or Health Insurance Company coverage, before and after comparison photographs and the cost of breast lipofilling.

What is lipofilling?

It is an advanced surgical procedure. The surgeon removes the patient’s own fat during a liposuction procedure and reinjects it in other parts of the body that need to be reshapened or volumized. The surgeon performs an autogenous fat graft while reinjecting his patient’s own fat cells.

This procedure is also called lipostucture, liposculpture, lipomodellage, lipofilling, lipomodelling, fat injection, autogenous fat transfer, fat grafting… they are all synonyms.

History of lipofilling:

This technique that has been performed for many years is more sophisticated and it now enables the surgeon to achieve the best natural results. For 30 years, the techniques of removing, purifying and reinjecting fat have been perfected. It is now a simple, reproducible and reliable technique.

Dr Coleman, an American plastic surgeon, pioneer of the procedure, gave his name to a lipofilling technique called the Coleman technique.

Why get a face lipofilling?

A face lipofilling enables to restore the volumes and the proportions of the face. Due to aging some areas of the face suffer from loss of fat and the proportions inverse. Lipofilling is used to achieve a natural balance, fill wrinkles, blur lines, improve the quality of the skin, reconstruct the volumes and shapes the face. It acts as an instant skin tone. The face looks younger, rejuvenated.

Fat transfer to the face is a very efficient technique and as it is a surgical procedure it must be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon trained in this particular technique, in a surgical environment.

Who is a good candidate for a face lipofilling?

A patient who wants to:

  • Reshapen and rejuvenate her face
  • Improve certain areas of her face (cheekbones, lips, cheeks…)
  • Have instant radiance
  • Enhance skin tone
  • Have a permanent result and stop Hyaluronic acid injections


What are the major benefits from a face lipofilling?

  • 100% natural injection: lipofilling is made with autologous fat collected on the patient during liposuction.
  • No need of implants (foreign body)
  • The result is permanent and evolves with body weight
  • No scar
  • Unwanted excess fat is removed from other parts of the body that are treated at the same time
  • Better skin tone
  • The volumes and the harmony of the face are restored



  • Two preoperative consultations with a board-certified plastic surgeon will be conducted as well as a consultation with an anesthetist if needed.
  • Before and after comparison photographs will be taken.
  • Preoperative instructions are as follow:
    • Quit smoking at least one month before the surgery and up to 1 month after the surgery to avoid any complication or necrosis risk.
    • Discontinue any anti-platelet or blood-thinning medication 15 days before the surgery.


  • It is performed under local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s request.
  • It lasts 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Dr Vincent Nguyen performs liposuction and lipofilling himself.

The final result is visible about 3 months after the procedure.


  • Face lipofilling is not a painful procedure. Only light analgesics will be prescribed.
  • Patients may go home the same day.
  • Swelling and bruising appear on the face and on the areas where the fat was harvested, the following days.
  • No nursing care is required after the surgery.
  • You may have a shower the day following the procedure.
  • Most patients may go back to work 5 days after the procedure, depending on the nature of their job.
  • Follow-up consultations with Dr Vincent Nguyen will be scheduled (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year after the surgery).


  • As face lipomodelling is an esthetic procedure, it is not covered by Social Security or Health Insurance Companies.
  • The costs may vary depending on the patient, on the areas to be treated, on the volume of fat to be harvested, on its combination with a face surgery, on the location of the surgery, on the length of the procedure and other related expenses. The costs may vary from …. To … (find all the costs on this website).
  • Make sure to find a board-certified plastic surgeon expert in face procedures who will evaluate your needs, discuss your expectations and your options to achieve the best results.


What are the alternatives to a face lipomodelling?

All the esthetic medicine treatments for the face may be alternatives to a face lipomodelling: hyaluronic acid, Botox, but they are non-lasting treatments.

What may a lipomoddelling be combined with?

It may be combined with a face lift if the skin is sagging, with eyelid surgery or with any other plastic face surgery.

Are the results of a face lipofilling permanent?

All the fat cells that survive 3 months will be permanent.

May I have a second face lipofilling?

Yes, you may have a second face lipofilling years later or soon after the first procedure if the volume of fat that has survived is not enough.

Can I benefit from other esthetic medicine procedures after a face lipomodelling?

Yes, you can. There is no contra-indication as lipomodelling is natural.

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